Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


1. How do I sign up as brand?

2. Can a brand have multiple accounts?

3. Do I need to pay Whisttler before creating my profile?

4. For how long can I subscribe to a Subscription Plan?

5. How do I pay for my subscription?

6. Will my Subscription be auto renewed?

7. Will my account be deactivated once my subscription period expires?

8. What does Social Score of influencers signify?

9. How does Whisttler calculates the Social Score of an Influencer?

10. How do I start a campaign?

11. What happens after I have submitted my brief?

12. How do I know when my campaign has started?

13. How do I know how my campaigns have performed?

14. How and when do I pay the influencers?

15. Is there any other way to compensate influencers who work with my brand than monetary compensations?

16. What happens after a campaign is over?

17. Can I connect my social pages with Whisttler?

18. Can I keep a track of all the previous campaigns which I have launched?

19. What does Key Categories mean?

20. Why Whisttler when I can connect with the influencers directly?

21. What does Whisttler have in store for us in future?