Humans respond to recommendations, not ads.

AIM Zeneith Run campaigns

Influncer search engine

You can easily search influncers who are valuable to your brand.

connect with inflencer

Discover influencers from our curated lists which are customized to your needs and according to whatyou do.

run champ

You can narrow down your search with filters like social platform,category and location.

You can see easily how much reach and influnce does an influncer have through the popularity index.

You learn about you and suggest you influncers who are most relevent to what you do and to user base with whom you want to connect.

Run online compaigns

You can easily run marketing compaigns with influncers in just 5 clicks

AIM Zeneith meaning to your content
Know your Influence and grow

You can set your budget,give a brief and send it to's very simple.

Work with Brands and get paid

You can work with multiple influencers to run a campaign and with single influencers to run a multiple campaigns.

Curated works and brands

You can easlly run campaign across different social platform with single or multiple influncers.

Curated works and brands

You can use your own content or ask our influncers to create their own.

AIM Zeneith Run campaigns

Get a proper analysis report

We provide you with overall analysis of your campaigns so you can optimize better.

connect with inflencer

You'll get individual campaign report and cost analysis from us.

run champ

you get the power to see where and how every penny of you campaign get spent.Get customized analysis and cost report.

You can connect with your social media account and receive recommendations us.